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    Even Miracles

    Wednesday, April 12, 2017

    This session follows my approach of taking more intimate, documentary kind of pictures. I present you to the loveliest couple of all, Patricia and Lucas. Thanks for letting me register such an important time of your life guys. patricia_Storyboard

    Summer Joy

    Hi folks! I'm glad to introduce you to the wonderful family I shoot a couple of days ago. They came with this concept of neighborhood and quality time spent in family and I love it! Beatriz and Léo are the proud parents of these two adorable little monkeys: Isabel and Thomas. What can I say? We played, we jumped, we laughed, we took tons of gorgeous pictures and had freeze pops! What more can a girl ask for? I hope you enjoy those images as I did and let's all have a loooovely week! BLOG_Storyboard_bia

    Born to Be Wild

    This post stars little Davi, a quebecois-brazilian little cutie born in the middle of our famous canadian winter. For a while now I'm getting towards a more soft, relaxed, documentary approach on my photography. Although I still have lots of requests for the posing newborn style of pictures which, don't get me wrong, I also enjoy a lot doing, I kind of thrive when parents request those "natural" oriented pictures. For little Davi I've chosen a subtle, dark, comfy light, with warm tones and fur to transmit a winter mood. I hope you enjoy. davi_Storyboard copy

    Les Filles d'à côté

    Tuesday, May 12, 2015

    Oldy but goldy... Since I'm now getting out of my congée maternité (maternity leaving) and celebrating the spring that is finally there, I've decided to re-dig these lovely pictures I took from the ladys behind the "Les filles d'à côté" musical group. They are a female group that sings only à capella and they are tremendously talented!I hope you like the shooting and go watch these girls playing this summer!